Hot Zone Wild: An Overview of the Slot

Bye, bye, pulsars, black holes, and gamma rays of the solar system; software developer iSoftBet is bringing you down to Earth for some good, old-fashioned fruit machine fun. Hot Zone Wild, a Las Vegas-style event that takes its cues from the outer space-themed slot machine Euphoria, is what’s getting people talking about making a change. Hot Zone Wild, like Euphoria, is part of iSoftBet’s Xtreme Pays Series and has a free spins feature where you may rack up a massive win multiplier in addition to the game’s already substantial payouts. So, will it be the classics or the stars? You can only find out one way…

The additional reel that iSoftBet has crammed onto the game grid is one of the most immediately visible differences between Hot Zone Wild and Euphoria. This boosts the total number of possible combinations to 729 and adds three more symbols to the mix. The scene isn’t very moving; it’s your typical Las Vegas-style slot machine game, complete with flashing lights and pulsating house music. At first, there wasn’t much in Hot Zone Wild to be overly excited about, but there also wasn’t much to dampen the curious spirit.

If you want to learn more about iSoftBet’s Hot Zone Wild, the developer has supplied a ton of numbers that should assist. To begin, we have an extremely risky mathematical model with an 8.5/10 maker rating and a return value of 95.96%. Players may wager anywhere from 20 pence to £/€20 every spin, which is par for the course for iSoftBet slots, and the main objective is to line up three to six identical symbols in order to win a reward. There is a 32.4 percent chance of a win, and the free spins feature triggers on average once every 223.

The J through A card royals, cherries, lemons, watermelons, bells, and diamonds are just a few of the “classic casino symbols” that populate Hot Zone Wild. Widespread six-symbol wins pay off between 0.75x and 1.5x the wager for card royals, or 5x to 25x the wager for the other, higher-value symbols. The Hot Zone (reels 2, 3, 4, and 5) is where you’ll find the wild symbol, which will substitute for any other symbol except the scatter to help you win.

Playing the Slots in the Hot Zone Wild

The main game of Euphoria had a random feature called Euphoria Spin, in which multipliers might be generated. For Hot Zone Wild, where the wild multiplier only appears during the free spins bonus round, this is no longer the case.

No Risk Turns

The bonus symbol is another one that always seems to land in the Sweet Spot. Free games are triggered when 3 or 4 bonus symbols appear. When wilds appear during free games, they boost the corresponding reel’s multiplier. This occurs in order, with x2 being used for the first landed wild, x3 for the second, x5 for the fifth, and x10 for the tenth. All winnings are multiplied by a global multiplier calculated by adding the multipliers from each reel. The maximum possible win multiplier is 10,000x, thus if you get an x2, x3, and x10 on reels 2, 3, and 4, your real win multiplier would be x60. If you get a multiplier on every reel in the Hot Zone, you’ll get an extra four free games.

Decided: Slots in the Flaming Wild

Hot Zone Wild is a well-made fruit-focused online slot with a few of rather unique selling aspects, and it is also a nice addition to iSoftBet’s Xtreme Pays Series. It would have been easier to get excited about Hot Zone Wild if it were a completely new release, but as it is, it’s just an extended duplicate. Especially considering how much better the first game was. Euphoria’s presentation was more arresting due to its dreamlike quality as it floated through space and caught the solar wind. One possible explanation is that Euphoria may have passed for a BTG release, although being stunning in its own right.

However, Hot Zone Wild is far more prevalent. It’s polished in the obligatory way that these games are polished, but if you blink you could think you’re playing any of a dozen different slot machines. Luckily, Hot Zone Wild has several tricks in its sleeve and demonstrates yet again the potency of multiplying multipliers. Getting an x3 on all five reels from Euphoria would be the maximum possible multiplier for this effect. A win multiplier of x243 is impressive, but it pales in comparison to the potential x10,000 you might collect with Hot Zone Wild if you managed to get an x10 on each of the four reels that could benefit from it. However, this is not something you should count on happening often, as it is rather difficult to trigger all four reels at once in Hot Zone Wild, and the global multiplier seldom goes over x100.

Despite the rise in the win multiplier, the maximum win in both the original game and its sequel remains at 20,000x the stake. That’s a huge sum of money, but it seems strange that the potential is the same when so much has already been blown up. While Hot Zone Wild’s bonus round is exciting, the main game itself is quite simplistic. Hot Zone Wild is a nice addition to iSoftBet’s Extreme Pays portfolio, although not being as fancifully memorable as Euphoria was. The bonus round in Hot Zone Wild allows players to create a very OP win multiplier.






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