Review of the The Queen’s Banquet PG slot game The Queen’s Banquet is a simple game to defeat.

The Queen’s Banquet is an online slot game from PGSLOT commemorating the queen’s banquet. During the Joseon Dynasty, a gorgeous Korean woman born into a noble family is the subject of this game’s theme. As children, she and her elder brother snuck outside the palace and encountered numerous market vendors as they ran. She is mesmerized by the scrumptiousness of the various foods in the market, which are enticed her to sample them by their enticing aromas. After being appointed queen consort, she requested the imperial chef to prepare a menu from her childhood, but regrettably, no one was able to create the cuisine she desired. But if the speculator wins, she will promptly pay out a massive quantity of winnings. Come join the excitement and play PG slot machines for a chance to win a windfall worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The mode of online slots play The Queen’s Feast

The Queen’s Banquet slot game’s functionality is similar to that of traditional slots; to win money, simply match three or more symbols by pressing the spin icon. With a 6×5 game size and a non-stop account, there are 32,400 methods to triumph. You have the opportunity to become a millionaire online with just a few strokes. The website

The prevalent symbols of the slot machine game The Queen’s Banquet.

The majority of the eleven payout symbols in The Queen’s Banquet are Korean dishes. If three or more identical symbols appear, you will receive a bonus proportional to the payout rate for that symbol, as described below:

Symbol of Chinese medicine braised poultry broth There is a maximal compensation rate for bonuses of 80 times.

The Bibimbap (Korean rice salad) incentive symbol has a maximal payout rate of 70 times.

The kimbap (Korean rice ball) symbol has a 60-times bonus payout rate.

The bonus compensation rate for the Tteokbokki symbol (Fried rice cakes) is a maximum of 30 times.

Symbol for stir-fried mushrooms There is a maximal incentive distribution percentage.

The Kimchi Symbol (Korean condiments) has a bonus distribution rate of 15 times the average.

Symbol for sesame oil bean sprouts There is a tenfold maximum incentive distribution rate.

The bonus compensation rate for the English letter A symbol is a maximum of 10 times.

The bonus compensation rate for the English letter K symbol is a maximum of four times.

The utmost incentive distribution rate for the letter Q symbol is fourfold.

The bonus compensation rate for the English letter J symbol is a maximum of four times.

Special symbols in The Queen’s Banquet PG SLOT game

In addition to the common symbols, The Queen’s Banquet PG SLOT slot game features two additional special symbols that significantly enhance the game’s enjoyment and payout. Symbols have the following characteristics:

Scatter sign

One of the special aids that will make it easier for players to comprehend the incentive. The Scatter symbol resembles a seven-colored drum; when four of these symbols appear, the player enters free spins mode and can turn the wheel. The number of free spins will increase proportionally to the number of scatter symbols (1 per 2 free spins).

The wild symbol

The unique symbol of the lovely queen has the ability to substitute for all other symbols. It appears only on reels 2 through 5, and it cannot substitute for scatters.






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